Schedule of Fees For Consumer & Business Deposit Accounts

Fees and Charges of the following may be assessed in addition to the fees disclosed in the Truth in Savings Disclosure and Customer agreements

Effective June 1, 2024

Insufficient Funds (NSF)/Uncollected Balances (UCF)1 $35 /per item Account Reconciliation/Research
(1 hour minimum)
$30 /hour
Returned Item (Business Account Only) $10 /per item Signature Guarantee $10 /each
Negative Balance Collection Fee   Legal Processing Fee/Tax Levy
(statement & check photocopy fee extra)
- Personal Account $50 Notarization  varies by state
- Business Account $100    
Per Check/ACH Charge
(Analysis Accounts only:$0.10 credit per$100 avg. bal)
$0.20 Collection Items  
Closing Account-within 3 months from opening $20 - Domestic $30 /check
Money Market/Savings Excess Transaction Fee2 $5 / item - International $50 /check
Dormant fee after 1 year of no customer activity3 $10 / month Fax Transfer $2 /each
Undeliverable Mail (after 2 consecutive return)4 $10 Bank Confirmation Letter $10 /each
Stop payment (1st Issue, renewal:6 month expiration)   Night Deposits: Canvas bag & Keys
(refundable security deposit per bag)
- Issuing, Renewal $20 /check    
- Cancellation of a stop payment $5 /check Outgoing Remittance (Wire Transfer) In Person / On Line
Certificate of Account Balance $10 /each - Korea (Customer) $30 / $25
Counter Check (Temporary Check) $1 /check - Korea (Non-cust.: less than $1,000) $40 / $0
Cashier's/Certified Check $7 /check - Domestic (U.S) $30 / $25
Personal Money Order (customer) $5 /check - International $35 / $30 
Personal Money Order (non-customer) $10 /check - Wire Amendment Fee $20 / $15
Fax Transmission: first page $5 Incoming Remittance (Wire Transfer)  
each additional page $2 - Customer  $15
Photocopy   Safe Deposit Boxes  
- Paid Check, Deposited Check $8 /check - Box Rental Varies
- Deposited Ticket, DEBIT MEMO Ticket $8 /each - 30 day late rental fee $5
- Other requested Documents $8 /each - Lost - Replacement Keys $50 
Statement   - Lost Both Keys (Break open) Invoice Amount
- Interim Statement $1 /page    
- Previous Monthly Statement $10 /month ATM/Check (EFT) Card Service Fee  
- Snapshot Statement $5 Our ATM  
- Hold Statement $5 /month - Woori America Bank Customer No charge
Cash Deposit Counting   - Other Bank Customer $4.00 /each
0.10% of Aggregate Cash Deposit exceeding $10,000 /month Other ATM (our customer)  
Coin Charge   - Balance Inquiry No charge
- Box Quarter (DEBIT MEMO) $6 - Transfers  $2.00 /each
- Box Dime & Nickel (DEBIT MEMO) $4 - Withdrawals $2.00 /each 
- Box Penny (DEBIT MEMO) $2 POS (Point of Sales) Purchase  
- Over 10 Roll Quarter (DEBIT MEMO) $0.15 - ATM PIN'd TRX $1.50 /each  
- Over 10 Roll Dime & Nickel (DEBIT MEMO) $0.10    
- Over 10 Roll Penny (DEBIT MEMO) $0.05 ATM/Check Card Re-issuance $10 /each 
- Loose Coin Deposit per Roll(DEBIT MEMO) $0.50    
Internet/ Mobile Banking Service   Short Term Deposit5  
- General Service No charge - Same Day Withdrawal  $200.00 / each 
- Bill Payment Service No charge - 2nd, 3rd Day Withdrawal $100.00 / each  
- Zelle  Transaction / Stop Payment No charge    

1 NSF/UCF fee applies to overdrafts created by Check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means as applicable. For consumers, we will charge no more than ten NSF/UCF fee per day. We will not charge an NSF/UCF fee if your account balance at the end of the business day is overdrawn by $5 or less. We will not charge an NSF/UCF fee for any item that is $5 or less. We do not charge interest for the NSF/UCF items. For consumer accounts who reside in New York State, the Bank does NOT charge more than one NSF fee per transaction, regardless of how many times that transaction is presented for payment.

2 If you have more than six withdrawals/transfers to another account of yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer or telephone order or instruction, computer transfer, or by check, draft, debit card or similar order to a third party during any monthly cycle.

3 Dormant fee: Checking Account - $10, Savings/Money Market account - None.

4 If your monthly account statement is returned to Woori America Bank twice, due to your failure to notify us of your address change, your
account will be charged each time your monthly account statement is returned to us.

5 Business Accounts only. Fee will apply if 1) Aggregate daily deposit (cash, check, wire, ACH) of $30MM or more is received and 2) Withdrawal (cash, check, wire, ACH) of $10MM or more is made within 3 business days from the day of deposit.

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